The King is thinking Tricia's got nice tits,
Of grace Slick at Tricia's wedding, trying to spike
The punch with acid (orange sunshine, 300 hits),
While the bubblegum Turtles churned out their schlock,
And the Ehrlichmans danced the Funky Chicken.
Grace Slick named her baby God, a moniker,
He thinks, almost as good as Elvis Aaron---,
Who's today shaking hands with the Chief, his mind a blur,
Of dexies and reds but scored with an M.D.'s prescription.
Pompadour, karate ghee and cape,
Twenty pounds of rhinestones, a corset to tuck the paunch in:
Late model Elvis. his hands shake as he takes the plaque.
Explaining the hieroglypic on his ring, he laughs.
"It means, sir, Taking Care of Business with a Flash".
"Taking Care of Business with a Flash."